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Legal fees should not be an impediment to obtaining needed legal and management services. Above all, we recognize that budget, predictability, and cost management are critical to all artists and arts organizations, regardless of size or level of success, throughout the arts and entertainment industry.

We will work with you to develop a budget. Our rates are highly competitive and we offer flexible fee arrangements.

Our stock in trade is time, legal knowledge, and expertise in the arts and entertainment industry. As a result, for most of our services we charge an hourly fee, plus whatever costs and expenses are required. However, for many projects, we are able to charge a flat, fixed fee to cover all of the time and costs which will be incurred. In some instances, we will also agree to a commission from our work on a specific project.

All of our clients receive:

• written engagement letters specifying the fees, costs and services to be performed
• itemized billing statements
• prompt, individualized attention and services specifically focused on their needs
• complimentary handholding and soothing platitudes as necessary


We charge $275 for up to an hour consultation. However, the information you receive will be priceless!

We can meet with you either in person or by phone.

To schedule a consultation, download and email us our CONSULTATION FORM (PDF, 256 KB)

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